About Us

It’s always people that make a business any good. The Kona Coffee and Tea Company is network of brilliant enthusiasts: We love coffee and tea. We love the company. We love what we do. From its humble beginnings, The Kona Coffee and Tea has been characterized by faithful, equipped, and diligent people.MISSION STATEMENTThe three things that make us who we are: quality, community, education.

Everything from soil to sip is owned and operated by the Bolton family – we are one of the few and the largest fully vertically integrated Kona coffee companies.

Straight from our employee handbook, here is your peak into the Kona Coffee and Tea Company’s vision.

Mission Statement
To be known worldwide as a leader in promotion and production of superior quality Kona Coffee and Tea. To become the core of the Kona Coffee Community by providing a center where Coffee related events and education can take place.

Priorities and Core Values
To establish a profitable wholesale and retail business.
To establish a profitable farm that grows the highest quality coffee.
To expand the farm by a minimum of 20 acres a year, eventually
becoming the largest coffee farm in Kona.
To establish a profitable mill for both processing and touring.
To establish a Coffee Center where the Kona Coffee legacy can be
enhanced through education, advertising and cohesion of Kona’s
coffee producers.
To support the creation of a world-class coffee industry that
provides good careers for local people.
To support education either through donations to local schools or by
creating training programs that educate people on farming,
processing and marketing coffee.