Kona Coffee and Tea Company is dedicated not only to coffee, but also to building community relations around and through the coffee industry. We are constantly on the lookout for new, innovational, and local products. We are happy to announce the unveiling of a great new addition to our line, Kona Coffee Latte Soap, and Kona Coffee Flower Honey Soap from our friend Lynn Keiter of Essence Organique.

Handmade soaps by  Essence Organique   PHOTO: Essence Organique

Handmade soaps by Essence Organique  PHOTO: Essence Organique

Lynn presently produces two collections a year of about 10-12 different soaps. These debut in the Spring and the Fall. She is also constantly working on custom orders and special event soaps, like a beer soap for Oktoberfest.

All products for her handcrafted soaps are sourced with sustainability, purity and natural properties as a priority and use only phthalate free fragrances. Lynn favors oils like coconut, olive and castor oil because of their natural hydrating and moisturizing properties.

Kona Coffee and Tea Latte Soap made with brewed dark roast, fine grounds, and local goats milk  PHOTO: Chance Punahele

Kona Coffee and Tea Latte Soap made with brewed dark roast, fine grounds, and local goats milk  PHOTO: Chance Punahele

Lynn’s first formulation for us is Kona Coffee and Tea Latte Soap. The Kona Coffee and Tea Latte Soap uses our dark roasted coffee brewed extra strong along with some fine ground coffee, combined with natural, hydrating oils and a local goats milk. The caffeine in the coffee is said to keep the skin taut and even help with cellulite, while the goats milk and the oils will leave the skin soft and silky. You can expect a refreshing coffee scent, perfect for that morning shower.

Uncut bars of the Honey and Goats milk soap PHOTO: Essence Organique

Uncut bars of the Honey and Goats milk soap PHOTO: Essence Organique

Our first big honey harvests on the farm were bumper-crops and we were happy to hear that Lynn had a recipe for a Coffee Flower Honey Soap. Her Kona Coffee and Tea Coffee Flower Honey Soap combines Lynn’s freshly harvested soap and fresh organic oats into a blissful bar of decadence. Here, too, goats milk and natural oils and scents round out the bar. The honey with its antibacterial, antifungal, and demulcent properties help heal and rejuvenate making this soap great for sun-kissed skin. If you live somewhere where the winters are long and cold, this is a great soap to use to keep your skin moisturized. 

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Lynn’s favorite coffee drink is a fresh brewed dark roast 100% Kona. Her favorite beach is Kua Bay and her favorite ocean activity is snorkeling. However, right now, she is probably in her garage workshop perfecting a new recipe or researching and studying her craft.

Lynn, we thank you, and wish you much Aloha. We look forward to sharing your products with all our friends around the world. The Kona Coffee Latte Soap is now available online.


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I've been involved in the coffee industry for about 16 years. I've been a barista for many years, then a trainer and consultant. I am big on sharing relevant knowledge that will help coffee lovers have the optimal coffee experience. Working with The Kona Coffee and Tea Company is like a dream come true. I can't say how rewarding it is to work with such a great product from seed to cup. From the very beginning, being part of the team here, I've felt like family and have been treated like family. The spirit of Aloha is strong as is their dedication to community and quality.