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What we do and How to help

Fukushima Kids invites children from Fukushima to Hawai'i (Kona) to let them experience a healthy respite from radiation exposure.  There are 300,000 children living in Fukushima and 33 had their thyroid removed because of cancer after the March 11, 2011 nuclear disaster.  Forty more children with thyroid cancer are waiting for the operation. This rate is incredibly high.

Summer and Winter Program

Ten children and two chaperone visit Kona during their summer and winter vacations each year.  Giving them a break from radiation exposure is beneficial to their health and the healing power of Hawai’i can really help them.

Fukushima Kids Hawaii House

We now have opened a shelter with four bedrooms for babies and mothers of Fukushima all year round in Kona. They can come and stay up to 3 months as long as space is available.  Keeping and managing the house costs $2,000 per month and your generous giving is appreciated so that we can host mothers and children in need of a break from the radiation exposure.