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We are partnering with Afrikicks, a 501(c)(3) organization, that was founded by Omarou Idrissa, a native of Niger Africa.  Omarou’s goal is to provide relief to the people of his village, Niamey Talladjé who are suffering from extreme poverty, by collecting shoes from friends in the United States and distributing them throughout the village.  Our goal is to provide shoes to those stricken by extreme poverty and impacted by disaster around the globe. Some shoes will sent to victims of the recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean. 

Why Donate?

There are millions of children in developing nations globally, whom walk barefoot through the unbearable roads and pavement subjecting them to infection and disease, often times leading to death.  These conditions are preventing children from attending school and adults from being able to work furthering the chain of poverty in those countries. 

By donating your gently worn (with love) shoes you are providing relief for a person in need and essentially changing a life. We'll also give you a free 100% Kona 8oz. black coffee when you donate a pair of shoes through 10/21/17.