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Business Coach Alex Mitchell leads a series of monthly workshops. This month’s workshop is on How to Retain Your Current Clients and Win Back Those that Leave.

What's your business's persona, aka its "Brand?" What does your company convey to clients, investors, colleagues and competitors when they hear its name, see it in print, or glimpse the logo?  Have you ensured that your brand is consistently and clearly built into all of your company's touch points: name, tagline, messaging, business cards, signage, uniforms, products, customer service policies, website and more!

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It never feels good when clients leave — especially long-time clients. So many confused and fearful thoughts run through the mind, especially these three common questions:

  • I know they love what I’m offering, so why aren’t they returning?

  • What am I doing wrong if my clients keep leaving?

  • How can I get them to come back?

It’s not impossible to get your clients back; they loved you once and they can fall in love again. Attend this informative seminar to gain clarity on client behavior, what you can do to influence them.


Alex Mitchell Consulting

What We Do

We’re your accountability partner, working with you one-on-one, with your business partners or team. We help entrepreneurs and executives see what’s happening from a higher plane.  We ask the hard questions you may not want to ask, and we help you to understand the truth about where you are and what’s happening within your business. More importantly, we help you create a clear and honest path to getting to where you want to be.

Who We Serve

You’re not our client — your business is.  By keeping our eyes focused on what’s in the business’s best interests we’re able to see clearly what needs to be done to ensure its health, vitality and overall success.  And that’s what’s best for everyone.