• Kona Coffee & Tea (map)
  • 74-5588 Palani Road
  • Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740
  • U.S.A.

Come escape with us to the island of Catan on three nights in August at Kona Coffee & Tea! You and the other seafarers will try to build roads and new cities, using strategy to skillfully trade your resources. Some resources are scarce some are in abundance, do you have the skills to barter the goods you need for your current building projects? 

On the first two Fridays, August 3rd and 10th, we’ll have Holly and Vinny giving tutorials and friendly games against your favorite rivals. The first two nights are free. 

Then on the 17th we’ll have a tournament to crown a champion.  Prizes and bragging rights will go to the winners. The entry fee is $20 per person. Limited spaces available. 


Catan is an island with five resources on it:wheat, wool, ore, brick, and lumber.  Each resource is utilized to trade in for improvements to your "settlements."  The more resources you receive, the more you can purchase what you need to grow and win the game.  Resources are received by rolling a pair of dice, and that is all the dice are used for.  The dice roll is associated with tiles on the board.  Everyone collects whatever resources they are on when the dice rolls.  After the dice roll on each turn, the actual game play happens. 

Its extremely strategic and depends on how you trade and spend your resources.  There are also other ways you can out-grow your opponents by blocking their roads, blocking their tiles, stealing resources from them by playing a "knight card," etc.  The dice roll is only the means at which resources are collected.  Everyone receives resources when the dice roll based upon which tiles a player has placed their settlements on.  Outside of that, the dice roll has no effect on the game.  One could gain lots and lots of resources from dice rolls with numbers they are "on" but still lose easily because they need to strategically spend their resources intelligently.  And on the flip side, if the dice isn't rolling numbers that a player is on, they can still overcome this easily by growing to new numbers, trading for resources with others, and strategically blocking others from growing.     

This game has an element of chance in it because the dice roll determines what resources everyone receives.  But the player is in control of what numbers and tiles they place their settlements on, and therefore they are in control of the "luck" the dice roll would bring.  This takes the element of chance out of the game.  The dice roll is just a mere way of collecting the resources, then its up to the player to navigate their way to victory by how they trade in their resources and use them to grow.  The more you build and grow the more resources you receive and the more points you obtain.  Its 1 point for every settlement built, 2 points for every city built, 2 points for longest road, and 2 points for largest knight army played.  The first to 10 points wins.