Medium Roast

Our most popular roast, our Single Estate, 100% Kona Medium Roast is smooth with floral and caramel nuances and a velvety texture. Like all of our 100% Kona coffee, our medium roast has low acidity.


Dark roast

A bold roast with Notes of hickory and cedar, dark chocolate and roasted peanuts. A bold cup with a smooth finish.

Light Roast

A bright and smooth roast, with light cedar, notes of strawberry, raw hazelnuts, brown sugar and butter. All of our coffee is small batch roasted, packaged and shipped fresh.


Green coffee

100% Single Estate Raw Green Kona Coffee, dried and milled, ready to roast. This high quality (Extra-Prime and Prime) coffee is hand picked from our current growing season. The cherries are wet-processed, then the beans are dried and milled all within our Single Estate. Ideal for the home roaster. This coffee is intended to be roasted before consumption..


A smooth roast with buttery, chocolate hints. Usually, one coffee cherry holds two flat beans, but in the extraordinary case of peaberry only one round seed is produced. Peaberry makes up only 3-5% of our total harvest and there is currently a limited selection available.




Our 100% Kona coffee comes in the following options: fine grind, drip grind, coarse grind, and whole bean. All of our packaged coffee at the café is whole bean, because it keeps fresh the best, but can be ground for you on-site.


COFFEE Storage

Buy your coffee fresh and in smaller quantities. While we recommend that you brew your coffee as soon as possible after purchase, we ship our coffee in sealed bags with oneway valves. Your coffee will stay fresh in the sealed bags for months if need be. Once you open the seal we recommend you try to use up your coffee within a few weeks.

To store it in between brew cycles we recommend leaving the coffee in the bag it came in. Kona Coffee & Tea uses airtight, resealable bags that keep light and odor out. The bags have a one-way valve that allows freshly roasted coffee to “gas out” but prevents air from entering the bag. Simply roll down the lip of the bag, press out any excess air and seal the bag tightly when finished. Store the coffee in an area that is room temperature, dark, dry and scent-free. Do not store coffee in the freezer or fridge (condensation will build every time you remove and return the coffee) and do not store coffee near anything that has a strong scent.




French Press

The French Press is an ideal brew method for those looking to get a full, bold extraction. Great for those mornings that require an extra kick.

30gr Kona Coffee & Tea 100% Kona, 540gr filtered water
Grind: coarse

  1. Warm Press with hot water

  2. Weight out Coffee and grind on coarse

  3. Dump preheat water from Press and add coffee

  4. Place Press on Scale and Tare out

  5. Slowly add appropriate amount of hot water

  6. Stir gently 3-4 vigorous circles.

  7. Set timer for 5 minutes.

  8. Stir gently again then press slowly.

Generally if the plunger is hard to press you will need a coarser grind. If the final cup is watery and bitter try a finer grind.

How to use an AeroPress


This AeroPress method is one of our favorites. It is a great way to enjoy an immersion brew with less grounds and grit.

15gr Kona Coffee and Tea 100% Kona, 265gr filtered water
Grind: fine

  1. Warm the cup and wet the filter by pouring a few ounces of hot water through the base of the Aeropress before you begin

  2. Weigh out coffee and grind on fine

  3. Add coffee to AeroPress, place on scale and zero out scale

  4. Add water to top

  5. Stir well (we do 5 circles)

  6. Add any remaining water to reach 265gr

  7. Place plunger gently on the base. Just at the rim to form an airtight seal and prevent the coffee from leaking out.

  8. Set timer for 4-5 minutes

  9. After 4-5 minutes carefully remove the plunger and stir well again.

  10. Return plunger and press

If the press is difficult to push try a slightly coarser grind. If the final cup tastes watered down and bitter try a finer grind.

Chemex KCTC.jpg


Chemex is our favorite pour over method. We recommend the bleached filters, as the unbleached filters leave a paper taste in the coffee that is difficult to prevent.

35gr Kona Coffee and Tea 100% Kona, 630gr filtered water
Grind: medium fine
Makes approximately two 12oz cups of coffee

  1. Place the filter in the chemex and wet it down with hot water until fully saturated

  2. Weigh out coffee and grind on medium fine

  3. Remove filter and carefully pour out water from step 2, replace filter and place chemex on the scale

  4. Add ground coffee, give the chemex a gentle shake to level grounds and zero out the scale

  5. Bloom, add about 100 grams of water pouring slowly from the middle out trying to saturate all the grounds. We like to give the grounds a gentle stir at this time to ensure even saturation.

  6. In a circular motion from the middle out, pour a fine stream of hot water over the grounds careful to avoid pouring directly onto the filter, about 250 grams at a time allowing the chemex to drain slightly in between pours until you have reached 630 grams of water.

Bloom to the end of brew should take about 3.5-5 minutes. If the brew takes longer you need to use a coarser grind and if it brews too quickly try a finer grind.

Cold Brew Coffee

Simple Cold Brew

In comparison to it’s fast and furious cousin iced coffee, cold brew is a gentle giant of refined flavor. Where iced coffee is brewed hot, but stronger than normal to counter the dilution of the ice, Cold Brew is slowly cold-processed, giving it a gentle infusion of flavor with very low acidity.

2 oz Kona Coffee and Tea 100% Kona, 16 oz filtered water
Grind: coarse
Time: 18-24 hours (it’s worth the wait)

  1. Grind two ounce bag of 100% Kona Coffee and Tea coarse

  2. Empty coffee into a 20 oz mason jar

  3. Add 16oz cold filtered water and gently stir

  4. Place the lid on the jar and let sit on the counter or refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours

  5. Slowly pour the coffee through a coffee filter into a clean jar or container of your choice (holding grinds back with a flat edge will help the coffee strain quicker)

  6. Cool and dilute to taste

  7. Can hold up to two weeks covered in the refrigerator

Simple Syrup

Combine 1 cup filtered water with 1 cup sugar in a pot and bring to boil, cool and use as a sweetener for your Cold Brew as desired.

If you want some Cold Brew right now and can’t get to our Kona café, you can also use an AeroPress (see above) or Toddy Cold Brew System. We sell these and other brewing tools at our café.




Managing Owner Malia Bolton with the "Cream of the Crop" Gold Medal

Managing Owner Malia Bolton with the "Cream of the Crop" Gold Medal

Dan, Malia, and Jan Bolton

Dan, Malia, and Jan Bolton

1st Place in Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Crown Cupping Competition

Every year in November the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival celebrates all things Kona coffee, including holding a coveted blind cupping competition judged by experts from around the globe.


2nd Place in Estate Division - People's Choice - Cream of the Crop
3rd Place in Estate Division - Chef's Choice- Cream of the Crop


GOLD in Open Division - Chef's Choice - Cream of the Crop
3rd Place in Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Classic Cupping Competition


3rd place HCA Kona district winner Cupping Contest, for Malia Ohana

Judged by the Hawaii Coffee Council, among coffees from all Hawaiian Islands


1st Place Gevalia Crown Cupping Competition

1st among 11 large Kona coffee plantations, in blind tasting by professional judges

Honorable Mention Gevalia Classic Cupping Competition, for Malia Ohana

Among 61 farms

6th Place HCA Cupping Contest

Judged by the Hawaii Coffee Council, 6th among 69 coffees from all Hawaiian Islands

TOP 10 Hawaii Coffee Council Cupping Contest

Judged by the Hawaii Coffee Council, 10th among 69 coffees from all Hawaiian Islands


Honorable Mention Gevalia Crown Cupping Competition

Honorable Mention among 12 participants

Bronze Metal Cream of the Crop

Our Estate grown coffee chosen 3rd by the public for the People’s Taste Award


2nd Place People’s Choice Award

Judged by public at the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival’s “Coffee and Art Stroll” for “Best-Tasting Coffee”, November 2007, 2008, 2009

 2nd Place Gevalia Classic Cupping Competition, for Malia Ohana

2nd among 66 participants, “there was simply no comparison,” says judge Willy Pettersson

 Honorable Mention Gevalia Classic Cupping Competition

Honorable Mention among 66 participants