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Your Coffee Grinder: The 2nd Most Important Thing For Great Coffee At Home

Your Coffee Grinder: The 2nd Most Important Thing For Great Coffee At Home

Here at Kona Coffee & Tea, it is our personal and professional mission to educate our Ohana on how to provide themselves with the absolute best cup of 100% Kona coffee in the comfort of their own home, no matter how far they are from the Hawaiian Islands. In doing so, we get a lot of coffee questions about home brewing. Below, we break it down into two simple steps that will change your coffee life.

The Two Most Important Things:

1. Whole-Bean Coffee

Buying whole-bean coffee and grinding just enough for your cup right there each morning can ensure that you are getting the absolute freshest and most flavorful coffee experience.

2. A Grinder

This manual burr grinder by Javapresse will only set you back less than $40. If you don’t mind putting in a little effort each morning, it’s a great choice.

Our second most important recommendation, and the focus of this post: Buy a home grinder. Which grinders do we recommend? Anything with a “burr mill,” like this grinder, this one or even this manual crank grinder for under $40.

You see, coffee, just like baked bread, is actually a perishable product. It doesn’t perish in the way of going rotten like dairy does for example, but it does have a peak freshness that slowly tapers off.  When coffee is old it will taste flat and uninteresting. By purchasing pre-ground coffee, the window of time to enjoy fresh, robust tasting coffee is greatly reduced. This is simply because at the moment of grinding, its freshness begins rapidly declining. This is why we only sell small amounts of pre-ground coffee, unless requested. By keeping our 100% Kona coffee in whole-bean form, we are prioritizing the quality that we uphold from seed to cup. Your whole-bean coffee will still be at peak freshness for 1-2 months after it has been roasted and shipped.

A grinder is the second most important thing to making great coffee. The first things is to buy fresh, whole-bean 100% Kona coffee from Kona Coffee & Tea.

The OXO Brew Coffee Grinder comes in at less than $100 and is perfect for your home kitchen.

How long does pre-ground stay fresh? Honestly, only about a week. After that it can taste bland or even unappealing. Can you still drink it? Of course! But if you’re going to make coffee at home, we at Kona Coffee & Tea believe you should be making the best cup of coffee you can possibly make. Every single time. We are here to help you do so.

So, to reiterate:

  1. Buy 100% Kona Coffee, whole-bean

  2. Buy a Burr Mill Grinder

These two steps, no matter how you’re brewing at home, will transform your in-home coffee experience. By buying just enough whole-bean 100% Kona coffee for about a month’s worth of consumption and grinding before every batch, you’ll always have the perfect cup. This fresh coffee window is exactly what we’ve built our Coffee Autoship Subscription around. To learn more, click here.

Kona Coffee & Tea Coffee Subscriptions

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