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Honey I'm Home

Honey I'm Home

We are extremely happy to announce that we are fully stocked and now offering honey from our family’s farm. Our farm’s 2,000 ft. elevation make for some very happy bees and in turn, some very flavorful honey. The honey is derived from the Kona Coffee, Ohia Lehua, and Wilelaiki blossoms which lends to flavors varying from season to season. Our bees make some of the finest and most uniquely flavored honey you’ve ever tasted. We love it as a healthier option to a sweetener in our morning cup of Kona.

Busy bees on their honeycomb. 

You may have heard us refer to Kona coffee as the “Nectar of the Gods”. But, long before Kona coffee, honey firmly held that title. With the addition of our estate honey to our online store and in our shop, we thought we'd share with you a little of what we know about honey, its history in the world and locally in the islands.


A bee gathering nectar from a Kona coffee flower.  PHOTO: Malia Bolton

It seems honey has been a much sought-after treat by humans and animals alike for many a moon. The properties of honey are great for consumption, preservation and medicinal uses which make it a decided cough suppressant. The natural sugars and sweet taste make it a healthy alternative to processed sugar and corn syrup. And it’s one of the few foods, if not the only, that never spoil.

Evidence of beekeeping shows humans were keeping bees for their honey at least 4000 years ago when ancient Egyptians were known to have constructed hives in terracotta pots. One of the greatest advances in beekeeping came early in the 18th century when the removable comb was invented. Prior to the removable comb, hives had to be destroyed at harvest and repopulated every year. The removable comb allows beekeepers to maintain a healthy bee population while still being able to access and harvest the combs.


Our "Waiono" Farm in Holualoa, Kona., on the slopes of Hualalai.  

Hawaiian honey has a long reputation of excellence. Warm average temperatures and a constant supply of nectar makes the Hawaiian Islands ideal for beekeeping. Honey was first commercially produced in Hawaii in the late 1800’s. While bees are not native to Hawaii, they have become essential to agriculture. Early after their introduction to the islands, bees were kept mainly near Keawe forests. Today, it is common to see hives throughout the islands and near many flowering crops, with coffee and macadamia farms being a popular favorite amongst beekeepers.


We offer two kinds of honey: a Mixed Blossom and Kona Snow (only harvested when the Kona coffee flowers are in bloom for a few months a year). PHOTO: Chance Punahele 

The Kona Coffee and Tea Company is proudly one of the few farms in the Kona region that is literally a farm to cup coffee operation.  Not only do we plant and grow our coffee, we also harvest, mill, roast, package and serve the coffee we produce. We are deeply invested in every aspect of coffee growth and production. This dedication to the health and details of our farm helped us make the decision to add hives and honey bees to our orchards. The presence of the bees on the farm not only help to promote healthy and flourishing coffee trees, but also gives us some delicious honey in the process.

Stop in today or visit our online store for this latest addition to our product line. You’ll bee happy you did…

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CONTRIBUTOR: Mike 'EmJay' Cubbage

WHEN I'M NOT WRITING, I LIKE TO:  Read - I usually read two to three books at time. One for entertainment, one for education and one for inspiration.

I've been involved in the coffee industry for about 16 years. I've been a barista for many years, then a trainer and consultant. I am big on sharing relevant knowledge that will help coffee lovers have the optimal coffee experience. Working with The Kona Coffee and Tea Company is like a dream come true. I can't say how rewarding it is to work with such a great product from seed to cup. From the very beginning, being part of the team here, I've felt like family and have been treated like family. The spirit of Aloha is strong as is their dedication to community and quality.

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