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Kona Snow Honey Is Back, Just In Time For Easter!

Kona Snow Honey Is Back, Just In Time For Easter!

Springtime On The Farm

Every year, during early Spring, the rolling hills of the Kona Coffee & Tea family farm in Hawai’i become adorned in white flowers. These flowers, which we call Kona Snow, are our first preview of what the coming coffee harvest season may bring…that’s because each and every flower becomes one coffee cherry.

AND each and every fragrant, delicate white flower is kissed by at least one honeybee. Without bees, our coffee trees would not produce! It’s an absolutely fascinating interplay between the two species. And once our farm managers discovered this relationship, we began our bee research!

We started carefully, with one hive. But the more hives we added and cared for, the better our crops would do. We never looked back. Today, Kona Coffee & Tea cares for hundred of hives, totaling thousands upon thousands of bees.

At the Kona Coffee & Tea family farm, we care for hundreds of hives of bees. In turn, they care for our flowering plants.

It’s a delicate balance. If the environment isn’t perfect, the Queen bee will leave and her hive will follow.

Our workers must take great care in harvesting honey for Kona Coffee & Tea. They’re so good, the bees don’t even seem to notice.

We have just harvested our “Kona Snow” Honey, so what you see on our shelves and online was on our farm just days ago!


our “Kona Snow” Honey is back!

Just in time for Easter. The honey collected during this flowering time is harvested separately in order to provide the one-of-a-kind Kona Snow Honey available at our café and on our website. The subtle hints of jasmine and neroli reflect the wondrous perfume you experience during the Kona Snow on the farm. It’s something you have to taste.

Many of those who experience our Farm Tour choose our coffee and our Kona Snow Honey to take with them, so they can savor and remember their trip to Hawai’i for months after returning home.


Our Commitment For The Spring / Easter Season

We wish you a warm, happy Spring and Easter. At Kona Coffee & Tea, we are committed to maintaining and encouraging environmental and ecological health and prosperity from seed to cup. Having honey bees on the farm is the perfect example of a mutually beneficial relationship in nature, where the bees receive ample resources as well as proper care and maintenance, while we receive the benefits of pollination and honey they produce. Honeybees are an integral part of the biodiversity essential to the health and prosperity of nature worldwide and here in Hawai’i. We seek these mutually beneficial relationships in our sustainable farming practices.

Our passion for 100% Kona Coffee is parallel with our passion for the health and prosperity of the islands and nature. We are buzzing with excitement anytime we find ways to honor nature in our daily work. Nothing brings that better into perspective, perhaps, than our relationship with the honey bees on the farm.

Order 100% Kona Coffee Right to Your Door!

Our 100% Kona coffee is roasted and shipped daily from our single-estate farm.

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