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Looking Forward in 2021

Looking Forward in 2021

Even in the best of times, we find ourselves tried and tested as life pushes us into circumstances that are sometimes frightening, unknown, and/or just plain different and confusing. It isn’t until we look back at these times that we are able to see the subtle transformations that lead to our growth and strength.


Our current situation is an example of such an opportunity to show our resilience. We have been faced with much uncertainty. We may have felt frightened and helpless. Now, as we appear to slowly see some resolution to the pandemic that has upended much of our daily lives, it is a great time to reflect on the difficulties of the past year and acknowledge them respectfully.

Remember that no one is alone in this experience. We all shared in the discomfort, confusion, and uncertainty that defined the last year. We all have an opportunity now to grow in the best of ways through this experience. We can use what we have learned from this experience to guide our actions away from reacting and towards the path of empathy, charity, and community. 


Here at Kona Coffee & Tea we are looking forward to the future with optimism, hope, and faith. We look to make the most of each moment, knowing that it is only in the present that actions and decisions truly matter. This year we look to continue and grow our support of the local community through expanded employment opportunities, environmental commitments, education, community workshops (when safe), and farm tours…and so much more. 

Thank you for all your support and for embodying the Aloha Spirit with us. As always, we wish you much health and Aloha and look forward to the year to come. 


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