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Our Best Selling Kona Coffees Are Back And Better Than Ever

Our Best Selling Kona Coffees Are Back And Better Than Ever

If you've been a fan of Kona Coffee & Tea for a while, you'll know that one of our rarest and most sought after coffees is our 100% Kona Peaberry. Well now it's back with beautifully upgraded packaging that keeps it fresher, longer.


100% Kona Peaberry - Our Best Is Back

Considered by some as the finest form of 100% Kona coffee, peaberry is an extremely rare classification of coffee that is found in less than 8% of the entire crop. Peaberry coffee is produced when only one, round coffee seed forms inside the cherry, instead of two. The peaberry’s density and round shape contribute to its unique tasting notes. Once roasted medium-dark, peaberry takes on a smooth, buttery full-bodied flavor with hints of cocoa.

We are proud to offer Kona Coffee & Tea Single Estate 100% Kona Peaberry as our finest offering. This always goes fast, so order soon before we sell out!


"Ka Hale" aka "The House" Roast

Our newest offering has officially dropped, and it's actually more of a renaming of an original favorite. Introducing our "Ka Hale" Roast 100% Kona coffee. We call it "The House" roast because we use it in our house: this is the coffee that we serve in all our espresso based drinks at Kona Coffee & Tea cafe in Hawaii! We originally called this coffee "espresso" in our previous line up, it's a medium/dark roast.

This is our roaster Davey's favorite coffee. Since this is our most versatile coffee we offer, we  thought calling it "espresso" would confuse and pidgeon-hole some into thinking it wasn't made for other brewing methods...and nothing could be further from the truth. The rich, chocolate aroma and tasting notes of nuts and cacao are achieved in virtually any brewing method, making it among our most versatile coffees for home brewing in the comfort of your very own hale.

We're excited to offer our best-selling, award winning "Ka Hale" Roast 100% Kona coffee in beautifully improved new packaging that keeps it fresher, longer. 


 Fresh Farm Offerings Coming Soon!

Expect more new fresh coffee coming from the farm all through this chilly Hawaii winter and moving into spring, our limited Kona Snow honey will soon be ready...we're just waiting on the flowers and the bees for that!


Mahalo for choosing 100% Kona coffee from Kona Coffee & Tea.

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