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Presenting Kona Quick Brew

Presenting Kona Quick Brew

Kona Quick Brew by Kona Coffee & Tea

At Kona Coffee & Tea, we believe 100% Kona coffee should be accessible to all who want to drink it, whenever and wherever they want. We created a special coffee product that could be brewed anytime, anywhere…with just hot water. Our single-serve, individual packets of specially ground and preserved coffee make it simple, and it’s perfect for camping and hiking, for the office or gym…or even just for the busy parent who doesn’t have time to sit and brew a pour-over cup every morning. With Kona Quick Brew, you just pour, dunk, and steep!

Kona Quick Brew: The facts

-Full-flavor 100% Kona Coffee

-Fully compostable packaging

-Ready-made coffee bag

-Grown, roasted and shipped by Kona Coffee & Tea in Hawai’i

-Just add hot water. Brewed similar to tea.

This is not your grandfather’s instant coffee! This is 100% Kona Coffee. Simplified.

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