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Tips & Tricks: The Best Way to Store Coffee Beans

Tips & Tricks: The Best Way to Store Coffee Beans

Tips & Tricks

From your coffee experts at Kona Coffee & Tea

Welcome to the first installment of Kona Coffee & Tea’s Tips & Tricks, where we bring you up-to-date coffee education and information so YOU can become a coffee expert in the comfort of your own home.

Our First Topic is:

Coffee Storage

We at Kona Coffee & Tea have been in the coffee industry for a loooong time and we love to share our favorite tips and tricks with you. 

How do I best store my Kona Coffee & Tea - Single Estate 100% Kona?

The best place to store your coffee is in a dry, room-temperature, dark, space free of scents and odors.

We DO NOT recommend coffee be stored in the freezer or refrigerator. We recommend breaking large amounts of coffee down into smaller quantities (ex. Storing five-1 lb. bags once you open a 5 lb. coffee bag).

Many of our committed customers have chosen to buy small, glass degassable jars. These are great, but you should know that Kona Coffee & Tea’s heat-sealed, state-of-the-art bags are the industry’s highest standard. Our bags have a one-way valve that does a tremendous job allowing CO2 to escape while preventing O2 from entering the bag and affecting the quality.


Will Whole-Bean Coffee hold up better during storage?

Yes! We always recommend you purchase whole bean coffee and grind-to-order whenever possible. Purchasing your coffee whole bean will greatly increase the overall quality of your cup over has to do with exposure to oxygen. An adjustable burr grinder is recommended for quality and consistency. 

In fact, we wrote an entire blog on grinders and the importance of buying whole-bean coffee as well, if you’re interested in learning more.

You can also visit our recipe page HERE and our “Brew Like a Pro” blog HERE for even more detailed educational information. 

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