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Tips & Tricks: Let's Talk About WATER

Tips & Tricks: Let's Talk About WATER

Tips & Tricks

From your coffee experts at Kona Coffee & Tea

Welcome to the third installment of Kona Coffee & Tea’s Tips & Tricks, where we bring you up-to-date coffee education and information so YOU can become a coffee expert in the comfort of your own home.

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Does it matter what kind of water I use to brew my coffee? 

This is a common question. That cup of coffee you love is mostly water, so it is extremely important to take water quality into consideration when you brew. First and foremost you want a water source that tastes clean, free of chemical odors, and any other unwanted flavors. A well balanced mineral content in your water will serve you well when attempting to brew a quality cup.

Tap Water or Bottled Water?

Most water municipalities change water sources multiple times over the year. The water you get out of the tap in summer may not resemble the water you were getting in the winter. We recommend a good quality activated carbon filter be used throughout the year. This will remove most of the chlorine and other strong chemical flavors. Depending on the quality of your tap water, you may be better served using bottled water for your coffee brewing needs. If you are going to use bottled water, steer clear of distilled water. Distilled water is completely free of healthy minerals and will leach out unwanted flavors into your cup. You may need to try a few different brands of water until you find the perfect match for your taste. 

What pH level Is Best For Brewing Coffee?

Water with a pH between 6.5 and 7.5 will brew the best coffee.

For the best overall flavor, the Specialty Coffee Association of America recommends that coffee be brewed with completely neutral water. “Neutral” water is water that measures a pH of 7.0. Realistically, anywhere between 6.5 pH and 7.5 pH is going to taste delicious.

For more on water as well as tips and recipes, visit our “Brew Like a Pro” blog post HERE.


A Coffee Product For When Resources Are Limited

Kona Quick Brew. Just add hot water!

Sometimes, all you have is water.

If you’re fond of camping, you’ve likely been there…you rise after your first night of mediocre sleep looking for that perfect cup of coffee at your campsite…only to find you’ve forgotten a key ingredient you need to brew. Maybe you left your grinder at home. Maybe your pour cone wouldn’t fit into your bag. Maybe you ran out of filters.

You can’t have coffee. And you’re devastated. This is a problem.

Enter your solution:

The Kona Quick Brew

Just add water. The Kona Quick Brew isn’t your Grandad’s instant coffee!

The Kona Quick Brew, by Kona Coffee & Tea. A full flavor, ready-made, compostable coffee bag. You just add hot water!

At Kona Coffee & Tea, we believe 100% Kona coffee should be accessible to all who want to drink it, whenever and wherever they want. Like instant coffee. But this is much better quality than instant coffee. It can still be brewed anytime, anywhere…with just hot water.

Our single-serve, individual packets of specially ground and preserved coffee make it simple, and it’s perfect for camping and hiking, for the office or gym…or even just for the busy parent who doesn’t have time to sit and brew a pour-over cup every morning. With Kona Quick Brew, you just pour, dunk, and steep!

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