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Beyond The Beans: Exploring Our Wide Array of Hawaiian Products

Beyond The Beans: Exploring Our Wide Array of Hawaiian Products

True, its our coffee at Kona Coffee & Tea that wins the awards…

But we’re more than coffee. In our quarter century of farming in our local community here on the island of Hawai’i, we’ve made friends with other farmers, makers, bakers, and creators. We work with our local partners closely and have built a complete line of Hawaiian made products from the best ingredients…grown by the best humans we can find.

At Kona Coffee & Tea we offer everything from handmade soaps, to candles, to body scrubs. We offer macadamia nuts, assorted local teas, granola…we even have gift cards and a complete merch line.

Today, we’re taking the focus off of our 100% Kona coffee (just for a second) and showcasing some of our favorite non-coffee products, all grown, created, sourced here in Hawai’i…

Kona Coffee & Tea Mamaki Mint Tea

Mamaki is a native Hawaiian plant, found nowhere else on earth. In ancient Hawaiian culture Mamaki was known to promote good health and longevity.

Today Mamaki is claimed to reduce high blood pressure and lower cholestrol. It is believed to cleanse toxins from the blood and many attribute an increase in vigor and a reduction of stress from drinking Mamaki regularly.

It’s anecdotal medicinal benefits are endless and we’ve blended it with mint for a refreshing, caffeine free tea blend.

• Mamaki Mint 2oz loose leaf tea • Strengthening mamaki • Cooling Mint • loose leaf tea • Naturally Caffeine-free • Native to Hawai’i • Very popular with locals and tourists alike

Aloha Collection | Kona Coffee & Tea - Small Pouch

Our first in a 3 piece line, this collaboration with our friends at Aloha Collection was inspired by our coffee bags…we took the same designs from our three bestselling coffees and Aloha took care of the rest. These have about a million uses and will sell out swiftly.

• lightweight • water resistant • packable • easy to clean • Measures: 8" across x 1.5" wide x 6.5" tall

Kona Coffee & Tea Macadamia Nuts

I mean, these should be self explanatory. Hawai’i already has a reputation for the smoothest, butteriest mac nuts in the world.

But these aren’t just average mac nuts. We started by sourcing the largest, butteriest mac nuts we could find. Then we air-roast them slightly, for full-flavor. No need for salt.

Once you’ve tried them, its impossible to go back to the big brands. These Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts are the real deal.

• All natural, air-roasted Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts • Grown and produced on the Big Island of Hawai’i • No chemicals or preservatives • Unsalted • 8 oz

Kona Coffee & Tea Chocolate Espresso Macadamia Nuts

Perhaps the only possible way to add to the perfection of our best-selling mac nuts is to cover them in chocolate, no? But this isn’t just regular chocolate. It’s this velvety, lush stuff blended with our 100% Kona Espresso coffee. As if these needed to be more addicting.

Of all our products, these are the most likely to “go missing” due to our production crew’s snacking habits. :)

• Premium Hawaiian MacNuts • Grown and produced on the Big Island of Hawaii • Chocolate • 100% Kona Espresso • 8 oz

Kona Coffee & Tea Kona Snow Honey

We care for hundreds of beehives on the Kona Coffee & Tea farm, who in turn, pollinate our trees and provide the best honey. It’s the sweetest collaboration in nature!

Our Kona Snow Honey is the best of the best. During coffee harvest, the fragrant white Kona Coffee blossoms known as “Kona Snow” cover the slopes of Hualalai for a few months in springtime. This limited supply of honey is harvested exclusively following the Kona Snow blossoming every year.

• Family favorite • Sells out quickly • Bottled on site at the farm and shipped fresh • A seasonal, natural product.

Kona Coffee & Tea 100% Kona and Macnut Granola

“The best granola I’ve ever had.” This granola is blended with our famous Air-Roasted Macadamia Nuts and then topped off with a hint of our 100% Kona coffee.

It started in our flagship cafe in Kailua-Kona and became an instant hit. Ever since we’ve offered it online we’ve had trouble keeping it stocked. There are many reviews in our comments section from customers saying it’s the best granola they’ve ever had.

• Made with Kona Coffee & Tea 100% Kona • A café favorite now available online • 14oz • All natural air roasted hawaiian macadamia nuts, 100% Kona, Granola • no chemicals or preservatives


Kona Quick Brew by Kona Coffee & Tea

Of course, we can’t forget our award winning 100% Kona coffee…grown on our farm, then it’s milled, roasted, and packaged by our Kona Coffee & Tea ohana right here in Hawaii.

But did you know that we offer a ready-made, “instant” type coffee product? Except this isn’t your grandad’s instant coffee. The Kona Quick Brew by Kona Coffee & Tea is the same smooth, fresh flavor you’ve come to know from our farm…packed into individually sealed, fully-compostable, ready-made bags. You brew these like you would brew a cup of tea! They’re truly amazing and we just put them back in stock!

• Signature Espresso Roast • A full-flavor, fully compostable ready-made coffee bag. • Single servings • Just add hot water! 

100% Kona Coffee. Simplified.

here for the coffee?

try a kona coffee & tea subscription & never run out again

Our most popular offering, The Kona Coffee & Tea Single Estate Medium Roast. Click the photo to subscribe.

It’s simple. You only sign up once, and here’s how:

  1. First, choose which roast you want from our full menu.

  2. To subscribe, just check the box that says “Click for Autoship” and choose how often you would like your coffee shipped (every 30 days or 60 days). That’s it! Subscriptions save 10%.

    New Kona Coffee & Tea Subscribers agree to fulfill a minimum of three orders within 6 months of subscribing. We ship worldwide to hundreds of happy subscribers who tell us they never want to run out of fresh-roasted, Single-Estate, 100% Kona coffee from our farm in Hawai’i!


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