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We’d like to take a moment to embrace what Thanksgiving’s really about, by showing some gratitude to a few of the people who help get our coffee from our farm to your cup. Mahalo (thank you) for believing in 100% Kona coffee. We hope you and your loved ones have a happy Thanksgiving!

Café Manager Margaret (center) with her staff was up serving coffee at 5 a.m. at this year’s Ironman race and keeps the coffee flowing seven days a week.

Margaret Rich, Café Manager

To be honest there are days at the café where being the manager is extremely challenging. It is such a busy shop and there is constantly something going on. Be it a special event, preparation for an outside event, or the organized chaos that is the day-to-day in Kona’s busiest farmer (and family) owned and operated, Single Estate, 100% Kona coffee café, in the heart of Kailua-Kona, Margaret manages to juggle it all with finesse, class and her signature aloha. Margaret started at Kona Coffee & Tea café and quickly worked her way to the lead barista position. Being a great barista doesn’t always translate into being a great manager, but Margaret has shown grit and determination from the start. She has quickly overcome all challenges and continues to learn and adapt. Becoming a manager at such a busy café means non-stop awareness and attention to detail. It is a pleasure to watch you grow and learn Margaret. Thank you for being part of the Kona Coffee & Tea Ohana. Aloha!

Along with being a great café manager, Margaret also makes a mean 100% Kona latté. PHOTO: Blake Wisz

Kelly picking coffee at our 2019 First Harvest event on the farm. PHOTO: Chance Ortiz

Kelly Drysdale, Director of Logistics

Kona Coffee & Tea does not have a “Jack of all Traits,” we have a “Kelly of all Traits.” It would be nearly impossible to explain all the influence and responsibilities Kelly executes for Kona Coffee & Tea. She is the right-hand woman to Malia, (Operations Manager). She helps keep all of us on-task in one way or another. She literally helps us cross our T’s and dot our I’s as editor in chief of all our newsletters, blogs, and emails. Kelly works hand-in-hand with Margaret at the café ensuring inventory is ordered and in stock and helps with the hiring process at the café and on the farm. She is the first one everyone calls when we need assistance. If you were to track Kelly for a day you would probably see her darting from packaging and roasting to the post office, to the café to the corporate office, to mill, to…We get dizzy just thinking about it. Kelly, as you edit this, know we appreciate you and all you do for us. Huge Mahalo!!!

Kelly makes sure we have what we need to get coffee from our farm to your cup. PHOTO: Blake Wisz

Dayva manages our website, produces our graphic design, and consults on marketing for Kona Coffee & Tea.

Dayva manages our website, produces our graphic design, and consults on marketing for Kona Coffee & Tea.

Dayva Keolanui, Design Consultant

It is difficult to find a picture of Dayva in which she is not smiling. Her smile is contagious and shows vividly the lust she has for life and art. Dayva came on board at Kona Coffee & Tea in 2016 to redesign a crashed website and has been a part of our team ever since. Her hand-drawn coffee designs are on our coffee bags and we could not be happier with the results. In the last couple of years, she has helped us transform the look and feel of Kona Coffee & Tea into an expression that we feel takes our passion and love for 100% Kona coffee and community and manifests it visually. Dayva’s artistic approach and out of the box creativity pulls you into the content, allowing us to capture people’s attention and better share our message with a much larger audience. She keeps us on task and helps us to set and exceed goals we never thought possible. Our webpage went from drab and dated to unique and entrancing under her creative care and leadership. An island girl through and through, we are happy to allow her a creative outlet to express her love for the nature and raw beauty of the Islands. Dayva, thank you for being your genuine self and letting your light shine. We are so happy to have you and the masterful way you take our passion and bring it to life.

Kona Coffee & Tea coffee bags designed by Dayva. PHOTO: Chance Ortiz

With such a great team, it is not easy to limit our annual gratitude post to just a few faces. We would like to reach out and embrace the entire Kona Coffee & Tea team. You all help us share our passion for 100% Kona coffee and community. It is a delight to watch you all taking ownership and personifying the Aloha spirit Kona Coffee & Tea is all about. Million Mahalo to you all!

Lastly, thank you, our patrons and customers! We cannot overstate the gratitude and appreciation we have for all you loyal Kona Coffee & Tea lovers. We are able to indulge in our passion and love for 100% Kona coffee and culture only with your support. We hope you can feel the love in every cup we or you brew. Aloha is the most important aspect of all we do and each and every one of you helps us grow and share that Aloha spirit.

With warmest Mahalo & Aloha,

- Kona Coffee & Tea `Ohana

HEADER PHOTO: Kona Coffee & Tea 100% Kona parchment (coffee beans that have been wet milled and dried, but still need to be dry milled and roasted) by Dayva Keolanui

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