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Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Give the gift of Aloha this year with 100% Kona Coffee from our family owned and operated single estate farm. Below is our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, written by our Director of Sales, Mike Cubbage. And Mike should know…he curates, manages, and quantifies the entire Kona Coffee & Tea online store. He’s been with our company for almost 17 years and is one of our biggest fans. Enjoy some of Mike’s favorites:

Kona Coffee & Tea - Single Estate 100% Kona Coffee

Located in the heart of the Kona Growing Region, Kona Coffee & Tea - 100% Kona Coffee is grown exclusively on our family farm. With over 20 years of experience and hands on control from seed to final roast, you can be confident in the gift of Kona Coffee & Tea, award winning, 100% Kona. Roasted fresh, shipped fast, packaged for optimal freshness and flavor. 

Insider tip: Visit our website for more information, as well as brewing, and storage tips, as well as our favorite recipes.


Kona Coffee & Tea - Single Estate 100% Kona Peaberry Coffee

The best of the best; Kona Coffee & Tea, single estate, 100% Kona Peaberry is the optimal expression of 100% Kona Coffee. Roasted to an ideal “Full City” Roast (between Medium and Dark Roast), Kona Coffee & Tea, 100% Kona Peaberry wholly embodies the best characteristics of 100% Kona. Experience the low acidity, full-bodied flavor that has made Kona Coffee & Tea, 100% Kona Peaberry the favorite of many long-time drinkers. Available in sizes 7oz, 14oz and 32oz. 

Insider tip: always purchase your Kona Coffee & Tea, 100% Kona Coffee, whole bean and grind to order. 


Kona Coffee & Tea - Air-Roasted Macadamia Nuts

Grown and produced right here on the Island of Hawai’i, Kona Coffee & Tea sources only the best quality, Hawaiian-grown, macadamia nuts. Air-roasting prevents the nuts from being excessively oily and preserves the health benefits of this amazing Hawaiian treat. These macadamia nuts are unsalted and no preservatives are added. 

Insider tip: Kona Coffee & Tea, air-roasted macadamia nuts make a great addition to both sweet and savory dishes.


Kona Coffee & Tea - Mamaki Mint Loose Leaf Tea

Exclusive to Hawai’i, Mamaki tea has been a staple of traditional Hawaiian culture for decades. This caffeine-free, herbal tea is said to have many health-promoting properties. Kona Coffee & Tea, Mamaki mint loose leaf tea has a pinch of mint, giving a refreshing, coolness to your cup. 

Insider tip: Our blog does a great job of explaining the culture and history of Mamaki. If you are not familiar with Mamaki, you should most certainly take the time to read up on it in our blog. 


Kona Coffee & Tea - Big Island Gift Set

The Kona Coffee & Tea Big Island Gift Set offers our 100% Kona Peaberry coffee for brewing, and also includes our most popular Peaberry coffee encased in rich, dark chocolate, for snacking! Also great for snacking, the Kona Coffee & Tea air-roasted macadamia nuts. Last but not least, the hand-made Kona Coffee & Tea honey soap, using the Kona Coffee & Tea estate mixed blossom honey. A luxurious, Hawaii inspired gift set! 

Insider tip: opt for the gift box. The Kona Coffee & Tea gift boxes come in the traditional black and gold colors and look great even unwrapped. 

Kona Coffee & Tea - Single Estate 100% Kona Coffee - Family Owned and Operated

• 7oz 100% Kona, Estate Peaberry - Whole Bean

• 7oz Big Island Hawaiian Mac Nuts 

• 4oz 100% Kona, Dark Chocolate Covered Peaberries

• Hand-made Kona Coffee & Tea Honey Soap


Stocking Stuffers under $10

Our 2 oz. bags make the perfect stocking stuffers. Choose between our Light, Medium, and Dark roast. Each bag makes a total of 10-12 cups of coffee! We also have 3 oz. jars of honey, handmade soap, and gift cards that are sure to bring holiday cheer and warm Aloha from Hawaii.

Mele Kalikimaka from Kona Coffee & Tea!

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