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Kona Coffee & Tea Spotlight: Danny Bolton

Kona Coffee & Tea Spotlight: Danny Bolton

Before we planted coffee trees on the farm in Waiono, our brother Danny built a dirt bike track with our dad. He would be up there all day, everyday if he could, riding his dirt bike with our cousins and friends. Later on, when we moved and started packaging coffee in an office near our house, Danny built a BMX dirt track and a small skate park right outside the office doors.

I have vivid memories of planting coffee trees when we were young. I also have memories of filling bags with soil for the keiki plants, pulling weeds around the trees on the weekend, and learning how to package our coffee bags with a heat sealer machine. These early memories always included Danny. Growing up, he divided his time between coffee-related chores, and other outdoor activities. Skateboarding eventually led him surfing, then spearfishing, then bow hunting, and so on. These passions shaped Danny’s upbringing in Kona and we are thrilled to see him continually pursue his dreams today as a husband, father, and family man.

It was no surprise when the team behind MeatEater, a Netflix show that follows hunters of all types, wanted to feature him in an episode about the stuff he loves. Or when he told us some friends he met in the outdoor community wanted to create a short documentary about him for Sorinex Outdoors, a strength equipment company.

We’re so proud to see Danny work hard at what he loves and share it with others in the Kona Coffee & Tea community and beyond. Keep it up, Danny Boy!

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