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Our Newest Roast is Official & Here To Stay!

Our Newest Roast is Official & Here To Stay!

Say Aloha To Espresso - Our Newest Roast

The Kona Coffee & Tea Signature Espresso Roast

When we opened the Kona Coffee & Tea Café in the heart of Kailua-Kona, we wanted to create the optimal roast to highlight the full spectrum of our single estate 100% Kona coffee for a wide range of our café drinks. We had achieved the ideal Light, Medium, and Dark roasts for retail, but were interested in trying something new—a custom roast just for our espresso.

Creating the perfect roast profile for espresso was a task we were excited to tackle. When brewing espresso, subtle flavors of each roast are often presented in a more concentrated way. Our task was to find the optimal roast to highlight the full spectrum of our single estate 100% Kona coffee.

We found the ideal roast to be “Full City”. A roast profile that lands between Medium and Dark roasts. This profile was the best of all worlds. It gave us the slightly fruit forward, brightness of the Medium roast, while also imparting the bodied, bold, deep chocolate flavors of a Dark roast. The more we experimented with this roast, the more we were convinced that it was the best choice for our Kona Coffee & Tea Signature Espresso. 

We soon discovered our Full City roast was versatile in more than just espresso…it also made delicious cold brew and we began using it in our café’s Kona Cold Brew recipe. Even if you do not have an espresso machine at home, the Kona Coffee & Tea Signature Espresso brews up well using a variety of brew methods. We highly recommend it as a cold brew, of course. We also recommend a French press if you are seeking to bring out the bold, deep flavors in the roast. A drip or pour over brew method will highlight more of the clean, subtle fruit and the brightness is balanced by the complex depth of chocolate-roasted flavors. We have recipes for all these brew methods and more on our website HERE

We are happy to offer Kona Coffee & Tea “Signature Espresso” online and in the Kona Coffee & Tea Café in Kona. We know many of you have been asking about it for a long time. Whether you are “pulling espresso shots” at home or prefer other brew methods, we know you will love this roast. It has quickly become one of our favorites for its versatility and great taste. 


Father's Day is just around the corner and we added our Signature Espresso to our Father's Day Gift Set! It's the ideal present if you want to give the fatherly figures a gift of 100% Kona Coffee.

Father's Day Gift Set

  • 100% Kona Coffee - Espresso Roast, 7 oz

  • Chocolate Covered Peaberry

  • Kona Coffee & Tea Mixed Blossom Honey

  • Aloha Coffee Mug

Kona Coffee & Tea Coffee Subscriptions

No matter which roast style you prefer, our 100% Kona coffee is roasted and shipped daily from our single-estate farm.

  • Save 10% on all subscription items

  • 30 and 60-day options available

  • 3-order minimum fulfillment required

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